Band profile

The saxes are the ones usually on the front-line of the setup – some would say there to protect the rest of the band from any flak.
Meet our protection racket here →
The members of the trumpet section are the band’s thrill seekers, constantly striving for ever higher ground and explosive excitement. Despite being tucked away at the back they are always the first at the bar in the interval! Meet our screamers here →
The trombone section is where all the action and movement is. Whilst it may look completely random, it’s actually all very carefully choreographed; it has to be, otherwise the sax section get it (quite literally) in the neck! Meet our sliders here →
The engine room of the band, the rhythm section are there to keep things moving along – just not always at the same speed the rest of the band expects. Keeping time is their speciality – the time the bar opens, the time the food’s served, the time of the interval etc. Meet our groovers here →
The glamour section of the band, our vocalists certainly have the looks – mostly in the direction of the drummer when he counts in their main feature number faster than planned. Meet our lookers here →